Honda har lavet mange fede knallerter, og startede netop med helt små maskiner – ikke mindst i form af verdens mest solgte motorcykel, Honda Cub. Også i Danmark er det blevet til en del modeller, ikke mindst de kendte og populære:

Læs mere om de to i menuens underpunkter.


Honda CD50


  1. Hi team, I am actualy moving end of October with my 49cc Montesa Impalita of 1965 and was looking for some help to fix a few things! Do you have a mecanic shop in København and provide any mecanic services!! Other question Is it alowed to ride on bike lanes with no number plate because I can see a few doing that and would like to know about the rules!
    Many thanks.

    • teufel

      11. oktober 2018 at 7:52

      Hi Laurant

      I’m not sure about a proper mechanic shop, but you’re welcome to come by our workshop. We can help you fix stuff and/or some of our guys can help you out for a few bucks.
      You are allowed to ride on bike lanes, if you don’t go faster than 30 km/t. (Newer mopeds have small, square yellow plates, older ones have none). The only thing you should fear are the occasional checkpoints/campaigns where the police stops anyone and measures your top speed. If it exceeds 43 km/t you’re potentially in trouble. Also, you need a liability insurance, which is about DKK 450 – 950.

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